Santa Cruz Cryotherapy is here!



The Grand Opening of Santa Cruz Cryotherapy is TODAY! From 11am-4pm today, they will be offering a special cryotherapy sessions for a special price of $35.00!

 What is it?

Think of a chamber of  liquid nitrogen used to promote natural health & wellness, performance and recovery using temporary exposure to sub-zero temperatures. From injury and overuse recovery to chronic pain management and athletic performance enhancement, Whole Body Cryotherapy has shown dramatic results as a healing therapy. It’s even used in beauty spas for skin rejuvenation, sleep improvement, weight loss and general health & wellness.

What are the Health & Wellness Benefits

Reduce pain & inflammation caused by joint disorders, arthritis and fibromyalgia
Recover faster from injury or surgery
Decrease muscle pain and spasm
Increase energy
Improve circulation
Reduce stress
Reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and fatigue
Boost immune system
Boost collagen production
Repair & tighten skin
Burn calories
Improve sleep

Sports & Fitness Benefits

Recover faster from hard training, competition or injury
Reduce inflammation, swelling & pain
Boost energy levels
Kick-start endorphin release
Improve athletic performance
Improve muscle motor unit recruitment
Boost cardiorespiratory efficiency
Train harder & more frequently
Return to competition faster



Wanna look and feel like Stallone? He’s ready to get in the tub!