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Tonight’s post comes from Jocelyn – who regularly scales up to the Rx’d men’s weight on WODs just to make Cliff look foolish.  Enjoy:

Scaling up. There’s lots of ways to do it. Not to mention, with all of the preaching I do about getting better, it’s one of the many things you can do for just that.

Feeling strong? Try going 5 lbs heavier than the RX’d weight on your next WOD. Did you finally get your first kipping pull up? Don’t do jumping pull ups in your next workout just because you can’t yet string them together. Do a single kip. When you drop off the bar, hop up and do another, and another, until you just can’t do any more. Already have a killer kip? Ditch the regular pull ups for a while and go chest to bar, try ring pull ups, or use a weighted vest. Hand stand push ups: try using parallettes to increase your range of motion to go beyond head to floor. If you’re doing muscle ups, try a full lockout and turnout between each rep. If your workout calls for sit ups, try doing GHD sit ups instead. And ALWAYS be sure to have full range of motion on every rep, every workout. You’ll be surprised at how much harder things are when you pay close attention to this.

But don’t just stop there. You’re a CrossFitter. Scale up your life. When you go to the grocery store, park at the far end of the lot and walk the extra 100 feet to the door. Or better yet, ride your bike and carry your groceries in your back pack on the way home. Take the route with the most hills. Going to the movies or shopping at the mall? Don’t ride the escalator- take the stairs. Jog up them in fact. You’ll feel so good about the fact that, after all of your work at the box, this doesn’t even faze you.

Here’s a few more:

*Wash your car by hand. I don’t mean at a “do it yourself” car wash- I mean pull it up in front of your house, drag out the hose and cleaning bucket and get your hands dirty. Blast some music, CrossFit style, and get your clean on. The weather is beautiful anyway.

*If you’ve got a yard, plant your own veggies. Not only is it a healthy, organic alternative to store bought fruits and veggies, they are much yummier anyway. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

*Does your Mowgli need some exercise? Don’t just throw the ball for your furry buddy- take him for a jog. I hear Pogonip has some fantastic trails.

*Mow your own lawns and prune your own trees and plants. Did you see every second counts? Josh Everett sweats extra by using a push mower.

*Learn a new sport or join an adult rec team. Hey, let’s start a CrossFit West Softball team! Try some beach volleyball Kirsten and Veronater style. I hear Kirsten is also fantastic beach volleyball coach and gives private lessons! Plus- it’s part of World Class Fitness in 100 words.

*Next time you go for a run, (you know, those longer runs that we all should be doing on our own time at least once every couple weeks?) try jogging on the beach in the sand.

*If you like camping, try backpacking to a remote location rather than driving into a designated camping spot.

*When winter comes, try cutting your own fire wood where it’s allowed. Plus, if you are ever planning on participating in the CrossFit Games it might just pop up in one of the WODS!

Take advantage of every opportunity to apply the hard work you do in here to life. Enjoy your ability to use your body efficiently. After all, you’re a bad ass and you earned it.


6 Rounds, decreasing reps (10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1) of:
Snatch (135#/83#)
100m Sprint

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Images from the Games:

Kyle OH Squat - getting some coaching from the CrossFit OG.

Kyle OH Squat - getting some coaching from the CrossFit OG.

Le Bizz

Le Bizz



The Veronator - Nicole looks on.

The Veronator - Nicole looks on.