By Jocelyn

You may have heard your coach say it once or twice. Or perhaps your fellow CrossFitter mentioned it. It’s true. Regular ol’ running shoes are not the best shoes for CrossFit. Why? Because they are designed and cushioned specifically for running. At CrossFit West, we lift heavy weight which requires stability. With regular running shoes there is too much cushion which absorbs the pressure from lifting weights like shocks on a car (we don’t want that). We want a firm, solid, landing. Furthermore, there is no lateral stability and too much wobbliness back and forth and could lead to injury.

Some of you new comers may have wondered what all the hoopla is about lifting shoes (you know those funny looking shoes with wooden heels and Velcro?) These are lifting shoes. The heel gives a lift that helps increase ankle flexibility, allows you to sit back on your heals during movements without feeling like you are going to fall backward, and have excellent lateral stability. They also have a solid sole that allows for a firm landing on Olympic lifts. They range from $75-$200 depending on the brand and quality. Once you have decided that you are a CrossFitter for life, they are well worth the investment.

Until then:

One of my favorite all around CrossFit-y, metcon-y shoes are Nike Lunarlites. They have good lateral support for lifting, and are good for workouts that require both lifting and running. As a CFWS client you can get them (and anything else) at Running Revolution for 10% off.

A good old fashioned pair of Chuck Taylors, Vans, or Adidas indoor soccer type shoes offers lateral stability for lifting and can also be used for running during WODs. Just be sure to find a pair that is suitable for your arch that you can both lift and run in.

*Keep in mind that if you use lifting shoes, you won’t be able to run in them for your metcons so you will need another pair of shoes to change into when needed.


Practice the following skills:


-if you can already do them, have a partner help you balance in a hand stand away from the wall and try to do free standing HSPU.

Double Unders
-can you already double under efficiently? See how many you can do without stopping. Then do an AMRAP 3 min double under.

OH Squat (95/65)