Shoulder to OH

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Joana Power Jerks BN

Split Jerk, Power Jerk, Squat Jerk, Push Press, Press, Press Behind the Neck, P. Press BN, Jerk BN, SNPP, etc, etc. There’s lots of different ways to get the bar from shoulder to overhead.  And when a CrossFit workout simply calls for a workout with “shoulder to OH” it usually means you get to choose your most efficient method to get that bar up and elbows locked out.

What’s your favorite way to complete a Shoulder to OH workout and why?  Please post to comments.


Snatch Deadlift


*finish with weight at 110% of your best Snatch

Amrap 10 min

5 Snatch Balance (95/65)

7 Toe 2 Bar

12 Ball Slams (40/25)