Showdown In Surftown

MMA fighter Vyasa N. training at an earlier incarnation of CF West.

Fighting returns to the city of Santa Cruz and the Civic Auditorium for the first time since the early 90s. Showdown in Surftown will bring mixed martial arts (MMA) to Santa Cruz city for the first time ever. This is an all local production, sponsored by Farley Kickboxing Academy and featuring a full card (10 fights!) of local fighters, including former CrossFit West Santa Cruz member Vyasa Noel. The fights will go down on Saturday, November 10th, starting at 6pm, and tickets are on sale now. Try to get tickets in area D.

This will be a night filled with athleticism and excitement. Don’t miss it.

Reminder: The 6:30pm class today is canceled. Happy Halloween. The best costume of the day, as chosen by the coaches, will win a free t-shirt.



3×3 (add 5-10# to last week’s weight)


Bar Muscle-Up—–9–7–5–3-1

(Games Athletes: M=155, W=108)
(Standard RX: M=135, W=93)