Lisbeth D and Angela G, (aka; “Ninjela”), both hit the Prowler hard during Wednesday’s strength element. You may have noticed the awesome new signs and flag in the gym. While they look like they were hung by a paid professional, truth is, Sam and Cliff worked until well after midnight to hang the signs themselves. Despite a few “near death experiences”, they pulled it off remarkably. One of many things I love about CrossFit West is the fact that every month, money is reinvested back into the gym to make the box we all love and call home, just that much better.  As our community grows and strengthens, so does our box.  



2 Push Press, OTM for 10 Minutes (add 5# over last week’s weight)


WOD (For Time):

30 Ball Slams (40/20)


3 rounds

10 SDHP (95/65)

10 Over the Bar Burpee


30 Ball Slam 40/20

REMINDER: Monday 2/18/13 is a holiday; there is no 6:30 pm class on that Monday.