Timerie casually reps 1 arm push ups.

Timerie casually reps 1 arm push ups.

And Samantha works on the rings.

And Samantha works on the rings.

In CrossFit, we know that size is not everything.  In fact, contrary to what some of Golden’s favorite websites might have you believe, size is not everything in life.  However, if you are five ten and 145 pounds and you can’t do half the storms as RX’d, then you need to put on some size.

Putting on size is pretty simple actually.  You stuff yourself with protein and fat (the good kind, of course) and lift heavy weight and you will grow.  Notice, however, that I said “simple”, not “easy”.  There are only two real keys to gaining size– 1)eating lots of protein and fat, and 2)lifting heavy weight.  But it takes work and dedication.

Let’s break those two keys down in a bit more detail

Protein and Fat:

You need to double your bodyweight in grams of protein daily.  That is a lot of protein, I know.  I also know that this flies in the face of a lot of conventional dietary wisdom.  Don’t worry, you aren’t going to eat this way for the rest of your life, and, as witnessed by the nutritional pyramid, conventional dietary wisdom is about as smart as your average gnat.  But I digress.  Think of your protein intake as water flowing through a garden hose.  This garden hose has a lot of holes in it.  These holes are your body’s regular protein needs, the water that comes out the end of the hose is the protein that is left over for your body to grow with.  You need to turn that water faucet on full blast or you are only going to get a little trickle out the end.  Twice your body weight in grams of protein a day.  And lots and lots of fat–nuts, avos, and olive oil.  Shoot to be constantly munching on nuts (not peanuts) and drinking a shot of olive oil a meal (in Italy you would be considered lucky).

Lifting Heavy Weight:

You need to lift really heavy weights to turn all that nutritional goodness into slabs of muscle.  Squat, deadlift, clean, and press.  Keep your reps low.  What is heavy?  Some basic goals are 2xBW on the deadlift and back squat, 1.5xBW on the bench and clean, and BW+ on the snatch and press.  You must push for these numbers if you are going to be serious.  Not too mention that eating all that food is not cheap, so you might as well get your money’s worth. After every workout, as soon as you can, drink a quart of milk.  Raw, whole, or 2 percent.

Often I hear people complain about how hard it is for them to gain size and weight.  Then I ask them what they had to eat that day, how heavy their 5×5 back squat is, what weight they are cleaning.  These goals, both nutrition and lifts, may seem difficult, but they are not unreachable.  Plenty of CrossFitters have much more regimented diets and lift even heavier weights.  It won’t be overnight, but a year of training with these goals will transform anyone.  Ask your trainer for help.

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Back Squat


Take  your 3Rm weight, add half the difference to your 1RM weight, and use that.


1/2 Tabata (4 rounds) Power Clean 70% 1RM

2x 400m run (rest 2 minutes between runs)

1/2 Tabata Power Clean 70% 1RM

400m run

Post squat weight and fastest run time to Comments.