Small Girl/Big Lifting

Harj gets ready for the CA state record.

Every Sunday, CrossFitter and competitive powerlifter Harj Basi comes to CrossFit West Santa Cruz to improve her technique and lift hard and heavy. Today she hit a big back squat PR of 200 pounds. Harj lifts in the 105# class, so that’s nearly double bodyweight. It was an awesome lift to watch. She went on to bench (competition style) 115# and deadlift 225#. Harj will be tackling the California state powerlifting record for her class the weekend after next.

Great lifting Harj, it was inspiring to see.


On The Minute for 12 Minutes

1 Squat Snatch


4 Rounds

10 Thruster 115/75#

10 Over Box Burpees 20”

10 T2B