Snatch Day

Angelica prepares for her snatch

By Jocelyn

Today was a Snatch day here at CrossFit West Santa Cruz. I had to opportunity to be around for every single class starting at 6AM and finishing at 7:30PM. I either watched, coached, or worked out next to every single athlete we had in the gym today and, you know what? I’m just so darn proud of us. We are darn good Olympic lifters. Everyone pays attention to detail, working to perfect their technique. They are dialing in their starting positions, refining the direction of the bar- leading with the chest, dragging it up the thighs, exploding at the pockets. They are making sure to keep their eyes fixed on one thing in front of them throughout the lift, and digging their heals in upon receiving the bar. They are settling in nice and deep at the bottom of the squat, pinching their scapula together, flexing their lats and abs, while pushing up against the bar. They are making the lifts and they are making them pretty.

I was impressed with each and every person. From Angelica who came to us having never touched a weight in her entire life, to Clinton who turned 20 years old today (happy birthday Clinton!) and PR’d by 20lbs on his Snatch at a whopping 175lbs. John V and Sarah kept the bar tight to their body and had excellent speed through the middle despite the fact that the sun wasn’t even out at 6AM, while Wesley had a perfectly vertical torso in the bottom of the overhead position at 7:30PM. When you think about all of the different crazy things we do here in CrossFit, the fact that we’ve managed to develop such intricate technique in our Olympic lifting is pretty cool. Good job us.


OH Squat



50 Box Jumps


5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts (225/155)

7 Dead Hang Pull Ups

9 Ball Slams


25 Box Jumps