Something Sacred

Rocco, Sue and Tan, ...the three sole CrossFit West members who actually made it in to 6:00 am on Thursday, the 5th of July!

Rogue Matadors for L-Sit practice!

Back in September 2003, Coach Glassman, myself, and several of the CFHQ trainers and athletes got together and had a “parallette party” for Issue 13 of the CrossFit Journal, constructing several sets of PVC Parallettes to use for L-Sits, Pass-Throughs, Presses to Handstands, and various Gymnastic movements. For Affiliates who don’t yet have a fleet of Parallettes, I found that the Rogue Matador Dip Bars work GREAT for L-Sit practice, regardless of experience level!

Something Sacred

…Years ago back at the old CrossFit Headquarters, (“CFHQ”), there came a point where my mentor and friend, Greg “Coach” Glassman, had to take a step back from actively coaching every day and focus his energy on building the company, nurturing the community and attaining his vision.  Between the main site, the CrossFit Journal, the Affiliate Program, CrossFit Seminars and many other elements that all demanded heavily of Greg’s time, energy and focus, there wasn’t much time left for him to coach, …something for which he still loved.  While this was the case, there was still one time a week that Greg would come in and coach us.  …One day a week that all of us CFHQ trainers would meet and train together.  All of us were there; …Myself, …Greg Amundson, …Annie Sakamoto, …Nicole Carrol, …Tony Budding, …Brendan Gilliam, …and Eva Twardokens, to name a few, …as well as many of the “Firebreather” clients such as Dave Leys, Matt Mast and Mike Weaver.  …We all knew the day.  …We all knew the time.  …Sunday mornings at 8:00 am.  …We never missed it.  …It was sacred.  Not only was it a time for all of us CFHQ trainers and athletes to come together and train with each other, …but it was an opportunity for us to still be coached by our mentor and friend, the man who believed in us and helped forge us into the quality of coaches we came to be.  …It was awesome.  …That time also allowed Glassman a weekly opportunity not only to try out new ideas with a great crop of athletes and trainers that he had personally mentored, …but it gave him an opportunity to still do something he loved, …Coach.

…Not simply coach, …but coach people he personally mentored and loved.  …His friends.  …People who all believed in him as a man and in his vision.

…Even though it was only once a week, …that training time was sacred and meant the world to us, …to all of us.  …To be quite honest, …I miss it dearly.

…I miss my friend.

As coaches, …and/or athletes pursuing an opportunity to compete in the CrossFit Games, …sometimes many of us follow specific training programs tailored specifically for us.  …For those of us who are very busy coaches, we also are often forced to train alone, …simply trying to squeeze in our training between classes and clients when we can, learning only after much experience that we have to literally “book” ourselves as clients too, so as we are actually making effective time for ourselves to train.

I’ve noticed through both personal experience and observation, many of the truly amazing benefits and experiences that you as clients all reap when training consistently together, …we as coaches sometimes miss out on.  …The shared agony, …the shared laughter, …the selfless sacrificial drive to push hard for someone else, a teammate perhaps, …the camaraderie.  …All are elements that accurately describe training together, …and yet, …it is so much more.  …There are many things we miss out on when training alone.

Don’t get me wrong, …as coaches, we are all very invested in you and your development and we all share in your experiences and triumphs, no matter the magnitude.  …But there is certainly something lost when we are often left to train alone.  …While there are many elements that I could state specifically, …I’ll just say that I really miss the camaraderie.

When we can, we love to hop into a group class and train with all of you.  It’s really a great experience for us to be able to train along side you when we can, and it’s also just a lot of fun.  …After all, YOU all motivate US!

…But I still really miss the “Sunday at 8:00 am” concept.  …A sacred time, …even if only once a week, …a sacred time where all of us as coaches come together and train with each other.  …I sincerely miss that.

I think it’s something every strong CrossFit Affiliate should endeavor to do if they are able, …even if only once a week.  …It doesn’t have to just be limited to coaches either.  …You can extend “invites” to those athletes who are truly dedicated and go above and beyond, always showing up early and staying late.  It can be what you nurture it to be.  It creates for a much stronger cohesion and bond between your fellow coaches, owners and staff, regardless of what CrossFit Affiliate it be.  …Even if you are all on different “strength” programs or are working different “weaknesses”, …simply meeting at a synchronized day/time once a week to train together and hopefully hit the same wod together, …well, …it matters.  …It matters a lot.  …It is something sacred.

…I can’t fully express how significant that time was for all of us as coaches back at the old CrossFit Headquarters.  …It was really something special.

…As this amazing CrossFit community continues to grow, let’s all endeavor to bring back elements of the “Old-School” and of the original “CFHQ”.

…I sincerely look forward to, …yearn for, even, …sharing a “Sacred Time” with my fellow coaches.


Power-Clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1



AMRAP in 20 Minutes;

5 Jerks  (155/103)

10 Toes-To-Bar

150m Run

2 Person Teams; Person A does 5 Jerks, Person B does 5 Jerks, Person A does 10 Toes-To-Bar, Person B does 10 Toes-To-Bar, Both Teammates Run at same time.  Neither Teammate can start Jerk/T2B until both are back from the run.

This Sunday, 7/8/2012 is our Beach Day!  Same place as last year – Manresa Oceanview.  CLICK HERE FOR A MAP.   12pm-3pm – BBQ, surfing, touch football, good times, and more!  We’ll have a grill going and we look forward to seeing you all there.  Who’s in?!