Soup From A Stone

Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm

Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm

There is an old Brothers Grimm tale about a hungry traveler who comes to a stingy and inhospitable village and claims that he can make soup with a stone.  He sets out a pot, puts the stone in, and boils water.  As curious villagers gather around, he remarks that the soup is coming along nicely, but that it would be so much better with onions.  Intrigued, a villager offers a few onions.  The traveler tastes the soup, smacks his lips and announces that it just needs some carrots.  Another villager throws in some carrots.  All that’s left to add, just for flavor of course, proclaims the traveler, is some beef bones.  Pretty soon the traveler has a pot filled with vegetables, beef bones, herbs and spices.  The soup, as one can imagine, is delicious.

Getting someone to start CrossFit, especially an athlete regularly competing in a sport, is kind of like being that hungry traveler.  You know you can make a great soup that everyone will really enjoy and benefit from, but no one wants to pony up the time or commitment.  So you have to be clever, just like our hungry traveler.

The Olympic lifts are your stone.  Nothing is going to build speed, power, explosivity, and athleticism like the O-lifts.  Convince someone of that and you have them hooked.  Get them to try the O-lifts for a length of time and you will get a dedicated CrossFitter.  

As someone starts Olympic weightlifting, they are going to get stronger and faster and the whole bunch of beans.  Then they are going to want more, specifically heavier weight.  Well, you can say, the more you can squat, the more you can clean.  So, they start a regimen of squatting, front and back, because nothing builds strength like the squat.  Next you get them deadlifting, purely for that 1st pull of course.  And high box jumping too, to help with that all important 2nd pull only, you can announce while smacking your lips. No CrossFit nonsense here.  Maybe add in some strict presses and hand stand pushups, you know, just to help bump up their jerk numbers.  Of course, all this repetitive movement can bring on some imbalances, so pullups are certainly in order to balance out the shoulders.

By this time, as all of you reading this know, they are basically doing CrossFit.  Just minus the stopwatch and the WOD.  You have made soup from a stone.

Now, they are seeing the benefits of all this “O-lifting” in their sport as their performance starts to jump.  You know they are competitive.  Maybe start talking about the WODs Grace or Isabel.  Pretty soon, they are going to want to see how fast they can do it.  And they are going to do well, but not as good as they think they will.  Now you have got them.  They are hooked.  Now they are ready to start CrossFit.

Of course, as all of us hungry but clever travelers know, they have been doing CrossFit all along.

How have you convinced someone to start CrossFit?  Please post to Comments.

A big reminder about the new box opening party this Saturday, the 9th. Workout at 11 and party at 12.  Friends and family, all are welcome.  Please talk to a trainer about what you might be able to bring.  No beer please, as we will provide a keg.  And remember, there is a 50 foot Zone free zone around the keg.  All the info here.

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5 Rounds

10 Hang Power Cleans 135/85#

15 Pushups

5 Pullups C2B

Please post WOD completed and score to Comments.

It was a big PR day in the deadlift today at CF West, with lifts ranging from 113# to 515#.  Congratulations folks.  Enjoy the pics below of some of those PRs.