Spontaneous Community

Looks like Carol's Tabata Ab class is growing. I think we'll have to add her name to the coach's roster here soon.

Every day you step into the gym it becomes a battle of “you against you” even when there are ten other people in the gym staring at their bars all ready to tackle the same WOD you are. At 3-2-1- go, our surrounding environment sort of melts away and we focus on the work at hand. We experience our bodies and listen to that little voice that guides us through our workout. It’s a very personal experience. The beautiful thing about CrossFit though is that even though the assigned work is yours to do, we are all still a team. This is best seen at the end of a WOD. One person finishes but they are not done. They will scrape themselves off the floor and stumble over to another person who is still working, encouraging them every step of the way. This is not programmed in the WOD. It is not written on the whiteboard to do this at the end of the workout. It is just a natural occurrence. I see this day after day in our gym and it defines the CrossFit Community I love so much.
Weighted Walking Lunge 5×6 (6 Strides Each Leg) Add 5# to last weeks #.
O.T.M. for 20 Minutes
Odd Minutes: 7 Hang Power Cleans (165/108)
Even Minutes: 3 Bar Muscle-Ups