Spotlight Bling- Tony C.

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Happy Hump Wednesday!

I wanted to take a second and give someone a special shoutout! Tony C…A.K.A… Tony the Tiger… A.K.A… Twelve O’Clock Tony… I am lucky enough to teach at CrossFit West Monday/Wednesday/Friday at Noon, and I can’t recall the last time Tony didn’t make a class! He not only shows up, he comes bringing it his all. ¬†Tony has worked hard, and consistently in getting stronger and more efficient in all the movements we perform at CrossFit West/ CrossFit Ready. Regularly showing up on Sunday’s Open gym, and working on his form and technique with the Olympic lifts. We need one more for an Affiliate team! Tony stepped up and took charge (and he Pr’d his hang clean!) Keep up the great work and consistency!



We are closed at CrossFit West Friday/Saturday/Sunday for our Kettlebell Certification

– CrossFit Ready is open for regular schedule AND is open for OPEN gym from 10-4:30pm

– Satuday CrossFit Ready will have regular classes 9/10am and OPEN gym 11-1pm

– Sunday 9/10am class and OPEN gym 11-2pm