Matt T unloads.

It still amazes me that people do not appreciate the benefits of sprinting.  By sprinting, I do not mean running, such as the 400s in Helen, or even a stand-alone distance.  Sprinting is an all out effort for no more than 100m, usually less.

Sprinting is one of the most anaerobic activities there is.  Not to mention athletic.  The ability to go from a static position to a full sprint is possibly the most valued attribute in athletics.  It is the very definition of power, of explosion.  Think Roy Jones Jr, Barry Sanders, Kobe Bryant.

As with much in fitness, the benefits and demands of sprinting are often misunderstood.  The main driver in sprinting is the posterior chain, not the anterior chain as seems logical at first glance.  Hard sprinting invariably reveals itself the next day in the hamstrings above all else. Spiked heartrate, repeated over and over again, is the very hallmark of most sports, especially sports involving an active and participating opponent, and 40 yard repeats, for example  are an excellent conditioner. Nor, as with long distance running, is the upper body or midline neglected.  In sprinting, and this is especially true the shorter the distance, the arms, tight and aggressive, propel the legs. Strength, via ground force production, is translated into power.  Greater ground force production is speed.

Sprinting is a supreme test of power.  Enjoy.

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Sotts Press

Work up to a 1RM

Snatch Balance

Work up to a 1RM (try not to heave)


10, 9, 8…1

Power Clean 185/120#

Wallball 20/14#

Toes 2 Bar