Stand On Your Own Two Feet

Champion Olympic lifting monster Anatoly Pisarenko was not created on the machines below.

Champion Olympic lifting monster Anatoly Pisarenko was not created on the machines below.

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“Stand on your own two feet.” It’s is a popular saying. Good life advice. Too bad it is followed so rarely in the gym. What is up with all the goofy machines in gyms anyway? Most of them look like something from one of Cesare Borgia’s dungeons. The sad thing is that they really aren’t good for much.

Stand on your own two feet. That is the way we are meant to be. Being bipedal is pretty unique. What makes us so is an incredible collection of different kinds of muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones all intertwined together. Using a weight machine makes a mockery of the enormity of our bodies. Machines force our movements into an artificial, and often harmful, groove. They force false movement patterns upon us that have little translation into real, much less athletic, movement.

Stand on your own two feet. Any time you lift a load while standing an entire web of muscles are called into play and strengthened. As your body struggles to hold a load overhead, for example, it is defying gravity on multiple planes, not just the forward and backward or up and down or out and in planes of a machine. Think of a helicopter rather than a car. How many planes does a helicopter move in at once compared to a car which only goes side to side and forward and backwards.

As CF West Santa Cruz trainer Ed Evans, himself 60 years old, is fond of saying, machines are the weight lifting equivalent of assisted living. They are suitable only for those who cannot physically stand on their own two feet.


Muscle Up Ladder

Do 1 muscle the first minute, 2 the second minute, 3 the third minute, 4 the fourth minute, and so on until you cannot do the required repetitions in a minute. Use as many sets as needed to complete the required reps.


150 Double Unders

Post muscle up rounds completed and double under time to Comments.