Start Saving your Saturdays!


Listen up CrossFit West/ CrossFit Ready Community!

The 2016 CrossFit Open is coming to CrossFit West every Saturday for some amazing events!

What is the CrossFit Open?

For five weeks, for five workouts, any and every athlete in the world has the opportunity to participate in an event that is the precursor to Regionals and then the CrossFit Games where the best of the best will throw down on the big stage for big prizes in July. Our CrossFit Affiliate (CrossFit West) is a registered gym that wants you to sign up (20 bucks) and be part of this awesome 5 week event!


For many of you, the idea of competing in a physical competition may invoke some uncomfortable emotions (check sweaty palms and increased heart rate!) But we encourage you to test these waters out, let it be your first time, or your 5th time! Magic surrounds the Open!


Here are 3 reasons to try out the Open if you are on the fence!

1. Yes, You Are Good Enough.

Even if you cannot do the exact prescribed weight of any or most of the Open workouts, you will most likely surprise yourself with what you are able to pull off. The Open is about calling on the best in yourself no matter your current level.

2. It Gets You Competing Again.


Many of us competed as teens and young adults. Remember that thrill? That excitement? All the prepping around it? Eating well, reducing your drinking and smoking, being conscious of external factors to help you perform your best will make you a better athlete for life. 5 weeks of training to optimize your performance!



3. It’s a lot of Fun.


No, really, it is. At our gym, we dedicate every Saturday afternoon (Look at details below) to the Open workouts for all registered members. We assign heats, we print score sheets, we assign Judges, WE PROVIDE BEER AND FOOD FOR ATHLETES PARTICIPATING – we make it a big deal. But we also keep it fun. You will see what a positive and encouraging community CrossFit creates. Lot’s of High fives, and chest bumps, . 



There is still time to register for the Open here.


What to EXPECT:


Every Saturday during the Open (feb 28- March 31st), CrossFit West/Ready will host our Open events at our CrossFit West location. We will have our 8am and 9am class only, then close the gym from 10-12pm, running heats, providing food and beer, and welcoming EVERYONE FROM ANYWHERE to participate at our location for the CrossFit Open.

NOTE – We have 2 affiliates, please sign up for one affiliate to help us have the option to send a team to Regionals! All CrossFit Ready athletes please sign up for CrossFit West!

Save your Saturdays! Its going to be an awesome 5 weeks!