Starting From The Bottom

It was an all girl class today at the box.  I guess the size of the weights scared all the boys away.

It was an all girl class today at the new box. I guess the size of the weights scared all the boys away.


Heather; setting up the clean.

Heather; setting up the clean.

Lifts have two starting points.  The top or the bottom.  Squats start at the the top of the lift, ie there is a negative portion of the lift before the positive part. The bench press also starts at the top. So does the dip, the push up and the handstand pushup.

Most lifts, however, at least in the CrossFit pantheon, start from the bottom.  All the O-lifts, the muscle up, and pullups, for example, all start at the bottom of the lift, ie at the positive part of the movement.

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage.  Lifts that start at the bottom are harder as the muscles have no chance to compress into the lift.  This is why the load on a box squat will always be less than a regular squat.  However, bottom position lifts also create more explosive power.

Top position lifts can be turned into bottom position lifts by starting from the beginning of the positive part of the movement.  On the squat and the bench, this means positioning the barbell on the rack pins or bars and squeezing under it and then pushing up.  Bottom position lifts are much harder than their top position counterparts, and thus they are rarely performed, but they are of great benefit.

Try some bottom position lifts and let me know how they feel.

CF West got a visit from former local girl Heather, now of CrossFit Asylum in Idaho.  We love it when we get out of town CrossFitters at our box.  She killed the WOD and nailed a PR on the clean.  Thanks for visiting Heather.  Come back any time.

And congratulations to Emily on her 12th place finish in the Fort Ord Mud Run.


3 Rounds

200m Run

10 Squat Clean and Jerks 135/85#

21 Box Jumps

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