Staying Motivated

By Jocelyn

Most people who start CrossFit get off to a great start.  The feeling of being able to move your body freely and see it translate into the real world is exhilirating.  The comeraderie and encouragment from trainers and other members is inspiring.  The incredible strength gains and increased cardiovascular capacity,  weight loss, muscle gain,  seem to be all you will ever need to stay motivated.  But even with all of the great rewards that CrossFit brings, staying motivated (all of the time anyway) can be tricky for most people.  In fact, it happens to just about everyone.

There are lot’s of ways to re-motivate yourself.  Setting new goals can be a great way to get yourself out of a rut.  New goals can range from performance goals like reaching a new Back Squat PR to aesthetic goals like losing 2 more pant sizes.   The key is to not get content once you have reached your initial goals.  When you reach one set, make some new ones.

Another way to break out of a rut can be to mix up your workout environment.  New people and energy can be a great way to get re-motivated.  Do you normally workout at the noon class?  Try setting your alarm and taking a 6AM class.  Or if you’re a 6AMer, try a noon or evening class.  Not only will it re-motivate you, but it’s sure to kick start the regulars in those classes too.

For some of us extra nerdy CrossFit geeks internet browsing can be a great motivator.  The main site has some great workout videos in their library that can give you the inspiration you need.  Another great article and video source is the CrossFit Journal as well as the Performance Menu.  These are excellent informational sources with tons of great stuff and well worth the small yearly investment.

This list could go on and on.  But we want to hear from you.  How do you break yourself of a motivational rut?  Please post to comments.



1 on the min for 15 min (65%,70%,75%)

8 Rounds

12 OH Walking Plate Lunge (45/25)

max plank hold (w/plate on back)