Stocking Stuffers

Naomi K, member of the US Junior National Ski Team and beanie expert, models the new CrossFit West Santa Cruz beanie.

It’s cold out these days. Nothing keeps you warmer than beanie atop yer head. The CrossFit West Santa Cruz beanies are here, right in time for Hanukkah and Christmas. We ordered a limited amount, so don’t wait too long. Be the first on your block to sport this stylish, yet practical, accessory.

But seriously folks, everyone loves a good beanie. I have barely taken mine off for the past two days–they are super warm and comfortable, and I grabbed one as a holiday gift for each of my siblings (whoops, I hope they aren’t reading this).

Ryan Mac

Andrea H

I was amazed at the amount of deadlift PRs today. It was a great start to the end of the year. Top lifts went to Ryan for an astounding 2.9xBW lift of 475 pounds, and Andrea H with a huge 333 pounds. Great job guys, and congratulations to everyone on their PRs.


Rest Day