Strap up!!


An Endurance Wod on Thursday?! Whaaaaat?! That's crazy talk!

The CrossFit West wrist straps have made it to the gym and this time we have a whole assortment of colors for you to match your very favorite Lulu Lemon workout clothes with. One thing that might not seem very obvious at first is that they can also be used to make super sweet headbands! Think Karate Kid meets CrossFit!! If you want a set come and get them quick because they are sure to go fast. I know Rich S. can’t wait to pick up a pair of the purple straps to match to his purple Lulu singlet.



Bench Press 5×3

Power Clean 5×2

(Heavier than last week)


AMRAP in 5 Min:

10 Wallballs at the top of each minute 20/14

Max KB swings w/ the time remaining in each minute 53/36

*score is total KB Swings