Strong Is Beautiful

On the minute for 12 minutes: 2 power cleans-heavy, 5 clapping pushups, 1 sprint.

Sometimes a girl just has to squat. Hampered by a bum shoulder, Ashley works up to bodyweight plus 15# for sets of 5.

One of the CF West members was at work today talking to her company’s art director, and she was approached by a man she had never met before. He looked at her and asked her, in a heavy French-Canadian accent, if she was a cyclist. A little perplexed, the member replied that, yes she was, but modified it to say that she was a beginning cyclist.

The French-Canadian continued, saying “the reason I ask is because you have cyclist legs.”

Our member kind of looked at him a bit perplexed, not sure if she should be insulted or complimented. She said, “I have CrossFit legs.”

The art director interjected, “she is a boxer and her husband owns a CrossFit gym.”

The man looked at the art director and said, “I’m not making a very good impression, am I?” He then turned back to the CF West member and said, “I am sorry, I just really like women with strong legs.”

Yeah, the paradigm shift is happening. Strong is beautiful. Change shape, shape change.

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5 medium weight singles

5 heavy singles

5 medium weight singles


1000m Row

10 Handstand Pushups

10 Pullups C2B (of course)

750m Row

7 Handstand Pushups

7 Pullups C2B

500m Row

5 Handstand Pushups

5 Pullups C2B

250m Row

3 Handstand Pushups

3 Pullups C2B

Your moment of flight with Olympian Stefan Holm.