Strong, Very Very Strong

Misha Koklyaev is strong.  Really strong.  His numbers in the quick lifts (462# snatch, 550# clean & jerk) would put him on the podium with Olympic gold, especially if he focused on Oly lifting.  His numbers in the powerlifts (803# squat, 528# bench, 913# deadlift-all done raw-no suit or wraps) could also put him in a world championship. He regularly competes in strongman competitions and holds Highland Games world records.  Whew, it is tiring just writing about it.

If you want to see what strong looks like, check out the plethora of videos of him on youtube.


Overhead Squat

8×2 @ 85% 1RM


5 Rounds

5 Thrusters 135/85#

10 Deadlifts 225/155#

15 Burpees