Cathy and the afternoon sun.

Every talent must unfold itself in fighting. (Anyone?)

Struggle is intrinsic to human beings. Even our very languages reflect this. We “battle, “strive, “combat.” Just going to the store is a war. Does this sound familiar? “I had to battle the traffic all the way across town. Then, finding a place to park was a real struggle. The place was just packed, I had to fight my way up and down the aisles. I felt I was in tank combat trying to dodge all the shopping carts. Then it was like trench warfare checking out. Thankfully Matt and PJ were working one of the registers, I was this close to killing someone. I swear, I am never going to Costco on a weekend again.”

All joking aside, the above quotation by an admittedly controversial philosopher (the Nazis liked him, but then again they misinterpreted a lot) is completely true. Talent emerges from struggle. Naturally blessed or not, it takes effort to realize ability. In order to be truly good at something (objectively or subjectively), you must come face-to-face with your innermost self. YOu must face fears and doubts. You must overcome. And that is a fight. No matter if something comes easily, you will not reach your subjective potential without a struggle.

CrossFit is no exception.

Labor Day Classes:9 and 10am only. Enjoy your holiday.


500m Row

<3 Rounds

5 Deadlifts 315/205#

5 Muscle Ups>

500m Row