Not this kind of sumo. Although, the great champion Chiyonofuji, nicknamed the Wolf, pictured above, was arguably the most powerful man in the world in his prime. He tallied over 1000 individual wins, including a 53 win streak, and 31 tournament victories in his career. A legendary wrestler, Chiyonofuji holds the same immortal status as Pele, Magic, or Karelin. More about him to come.

The sumo deadlift is not as popular or as practiced as its conventional cousin, but it offers many benefits. The weak point for most trainees in the conventional deadlift is the power bridge between the prime movers of the glutes and legs and the bar–the back.  The sumo deadlift reduces the dependency upon the back as an isometric power bridge by moving the torso to a more upright starting position.  This is especially beneficial for trainees with long torsos and/or weak backs.

Interested in what a truly strong sumo DL looks like? Take a look at this video.


Back Squat

2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2


6 x 40yd sprint on a 2 minute interval


7 Rounds

3 Rack Jerks @ 65% 1RM

7 GHD Situps

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