Emmett Z on his way to 100 back squats at bodyweight.

Emmett Z on his way to 100 back squats at bodyweight.

The 9am crew.  Welcome to CFWSC Dave and Hari.

The 9am crew. Welcome to CFWSC Dave and Hari.

Very superstitious,

Writing’s on the wall,

Very superstitious,

Ladders bout’ to fall,

Thirteen month old baby,

Broke the lookin’ glass

Seven years of bad luck,

The good things in your past

CrossFit is all about empirical evidence, right.  We don’t do and preach constantly varied high intensity functional movement because we read in a book somewhere that it is good for you.  We know it is.  We have scientific proof that it is.  We have case studies showing its huge benefits with people ranging from pro athletes to my mother.  We are evidence based fitness.  Scientifically proven.  Hell, maybe I should wear a white lab coat when I teach classes at the box. Or is it the lab?

Then why is there so much superstition at a CrossFit box?  That’s right, superstition.  CrossFitters are some of the most superstitious people you will ever meet.  Which way do you put iron plates on the bar?  I bet it is numbers in.  I have to have the numbers in.  Do you have a special bar that you have to use or your workout just won’t be the same?  Desmond, Kyle, John?  Before a big lift do you have a special routine you have to go through?  Golden? Lots of CrossFitters do.  Does your barbell have to be in line with the joints of the mats?

That’s superstition folks.

What are your superstitious quirks in the box? Please post to Comments.


Back Squat

7×3 (try to hit your working weight by set 4 and hold the weight across the rest of the sets)

After each squat set, do 5 broad jumps for speed and distance.


AMRAP in 10 minutes

5 Snatch 115/75#

2 Muscle Ups

Post weights and score to Comments.


What: CF West’s Holiday party!
Where: Motiv downtown (the old Pearl Alley Bistro)
When: Saturday, December 12th at 7PM
Drink of the night: Nor Cal Margarita’s
Attire: Dressy

We have reserved the upstairs bar at Motiv downtown for our 2009 Holiday Party!  ‘Tis the season and the night to come out and get your party on CF style.  That means that we have ordered a bunch of Paleo appetizers, and the drink of the night (Nor Cal Margaritas, a Paleo mixed drink)) will be discounted all evening long.  Other drinks, appetizers, and food may be purchased as well.  It’s sure to be lots of fun, so we hope to see everyone there.

Holiday Gift Certificates

These specials are available to all current members to purchase as gifts for friends and family.

*Elements Program (4 classes)=$50 (usually $100)

*Elements Program plus 1 month membership=$99 (usually $225)

Give the gift of CrossFit.