Visitor Bevan (Go Bears!) is welcomed to join in and completes the Sectional WOD no.2 with Austin, Kevin, Rich, and Greg.

Lyndsay and Alicia cheer on Nicole as she tears through the Sectional WOD no.2 at open gym.

Kyle, who came to open gym just to support his athletes spots Leah who goes for a heavy single at 95%. Easy breazy.

Mike encourages his wife "Puff" as she holds a heavy plank.

Micah gets a hi five from Kevin after PRing on his squat by 25lbs at 325lbs. Wrecking Crew!

There’s something special about the support one gets when working out out at a CrossFit gym.  Obviously I’m biased, but I find the support at ours particularly motivating.  It’s pretty cool to be a part of a gym where you can count on being cheered for by a friend while competing in your sectional workout, spotted by your coach who showed up at open gym just to support you, or encouraged by your own spouse who shares in your fitness goals.  Even a visiting CrossFitter will get the same support as a group of CF West athletes completing nasty squat cycles will give to each other.  It’s a special kind of support that’s hard to find anywhere else.





*add 5lbs or 3% from last week

5 Rounds

12 OH Barbell Lunges (115/75)

30 Double Unders