Survey #1


You are pushing it hard on a WOD, maybe one of the benchmark storms…you know, Helen, Grace, Fran, etc, and you are really killing it, you know you have a good time going, when you feel a twinge somewhere. Perhaps more than a twinge, more like real pain.  Maybe your shoulder, maybe your knee. You know that if  you say something about it, your coach is probably going to make you stop (I would). It’s not the Games or anything, no money or sponsorships are on the line, but it just feels so good to be doing so well and you want this, you have a PR performance going and you are killing this WOD.

Now, I want to hear from everybody that they would immediately assess the pain, and either scale the weight, the movement, or stop and go ice, but I know CrossFitters too well. Be honest. What would you do? Would you stop or go on? What is your rationale either way.

Please post to Comments.


Deadlift (Touch and go)



5 Rounds

6 Clean and Jerks 185/125#

30 Double Unders