Taking A Step Back





Sometimes a movement is just not coming.  Sometimes you lose your confidence and just can’t get it right. A mental barrier gets erected. This can often happen with high skill movements such as the snatch or muscle up.  When this happens, it is best to just take a step back.  Come at the movement from another angle, or even just leave it for the next day.  Let’s look at the muscle up and the snatch.

The part of the muscle up where most people fail is the transition.  Too many failures can get into your head, causing you to lose confidence.  Leave the rings alone until the next day.  Instead, go to the pullup bar and hit some pullups as high as you can, really pulling to the chest if not the stomach.  The next day, know how high you can get on the bar, the muscle ups should be a breeze.

Catching the bar in the deep squat seems to be hardest part of the snatch.  If you are not getting it, work the snatch balance, gaining confidence in the bottom position.  Leave the snatch alone for the day and hit it again the next day.

Sometimes taking a step back can be the best thing.

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Cindy with a twist

AMRAP in 20 minutes

3 Power Cleans 165/105#

3 Rounds of 5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Squats

Score as a normal Cindy

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