Tan (Like the Color) Ha (Like the Laugh)

Tan making his way through the KB swings at the CrossFit Lifeworx competition.

Tan Ha competed at the CrossFit Lifeworx Festivus competition this Saturday afternoon. This was Tan’s first competition and he did great! He had 3 events thrown at him and he handled each like a champ.
His first workout was a 2k row. Usually that’s about 1,500m more than I ever like to row but he stayed calm and pushed through at a very solid pace. Next event he had 10 minutes to establish a 1 rep max deadlift. He worked up pretty quickly to 335# and then went to battle with 345# but unfortunately it wouldn’t budge. Sometimes the weight just feels like it’s glued to the ground. His last event was a 10 minute chipper that consisted of 10 burpees, 20 pullups, 30 situps, 40 kb swings, 50 air squats and 100 double unders. He was well ahead of his entire heat leading up to the double unders and then put a solid dent in the 100 when the time ended.
I had the pleasure of doing Tan’s elements classes almost a year ago and since then I have seen him improve dramatically in every thing he does. He is an inspiration to everyone he works out with and his enthusiasm and love for CrossFit is infectious. We’re all very proud of you Tan! Keep up the hard work!

Endurance Class survivors!!

I think Mike is the only one with an appropriate expression on his face post Endurance WOD.

Here’s just a reminder that every Friday at the 4:30p and 5:30p classes you have the option to do the Endurance WOD instead of the regularly programmed WOD. This has been turning out to be a really fun class for people. If you decide to do the endurance wod then there will be no strength portion for class but just the wod since it is a much longer time domain than normal. Each week the class size seems to be getting larger and larger and each week I am completely impressed with what you guys are able to put your bodies through, especially since before everyone comes to the 430p class I always personally test whatever heinous workout I’ve chosen for the evening to gain a better sense of appreciation as to what everyone is putting themselves through. 😉 It has turned into quite the elite club! It just takes one workout to be part of this prestigious group so come to a Friday Endurance Class and check it out! All the cool kids are doing it!
Front Squat
5 Rounds
5 Deadlifts (275/185)
10 Burpees
Tabata Situps
(During the 10 second rest hold a plank)