Building on yesterday’s post, here is a great and fairly simple way to tape your hands for a callus rip on the palm or the top of the palm.  A tear on the fingers is an easy tape job, but a secure wrap for the palm, especially the top of the palm where the fingers begin, an area hit hard by kipping pullups, is a different story.

While the tape is on the roll, start a tear lengthwise.  Rip off a length a good 12 inches or so (it depends on the size of your hand, I use about 15 inches of tape), and circle it around the base of the finger in line with the rip.  Bring the ends down to the inside of your wrist covering the rip.  Then, using all the tape, wrap around the palm a couple of times and then around the wrist.  By bringing the tape down around the wrist, the tape won’t just slide off as soon as your hand gets sweaty.

The first piece of tape.

The black spot is the rip.

The initial tape.

The second tape.

Down and around the wrist.

The final job.

A couple things to note.  Try to tape your hand before it gets sweaty or before you chalk up at all.  Sweat and chalk will keep the tape from sticking to your skin.  Be sure that the ends of the half-wide strip of tape that reach down to your wrist are long enough to slightly stick out after your wrap your wrist.  No need to use a ton of tape.  Just a couple wraps around the palm will protect your rip, but still be thin enough that you can grip the bar or pullup bar.  Too much tape will limit your grip and you could fall off the bar.  When taping your hand, keep your palm all the way open and fingers extended so you have full range of motion and all the tape is touching the skin.


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