Team West Brethren Challenge

The Team on a 1 Mile Prowler Run!

The Team Swithes out keeping the Prowler in Motion (5229)

Steph with a 103# Snatch- PR!

Yesterday 4 CF Wester’s teamed up to compete and represent CF West at the Annual CrossFit Brethren Challenge in Mountain View.  Our athlete’s were: Stefani Wormington, Andrea Horowitt, Chris Carlson, and trainer Daniel Vahradian.  Our very own Jason Highbarger took on the role of head coach.  Here’s what he had to say about his team:

“Team CrossFit West Santa Cruz at the Brethren CrossFit Challenge with a strong lead in their heat on the “Prowler Mile”.  (The judges let me run with the team to cheer them on & get a few photos.)

(Shot 5229 is during one of many smooth “quick transitions” the team made in order to keep the sled from coming to a stop, moving the whole time.)

Danny did all 39 of the 40 reps of the 50# Wall-Ball and still managed to nail a 185# Snatch (only 10# off his PR!!) and get nearly 150 Double Unders!

Chris came up big too and also hit a 185# Snatch (despite an injured wrist) and well over a hundred Double-Unders!

Andrea and Stefani both came up huge for the team too, both hitting a new Snatch PR of 103# and both getting PR’s on consecutive Double-Unders (only one attempt allowed)!

Major Props to Stafani for stepping in last minute (she found out half way through her high-school basketball game the night before!!) and giving us a full team allowing us to compete!!

I am SO proud of our Team!!!  They did GREAT and represented CrossFit West Santa Cruz very well!!

As a matter of fact, they beat CrossFit Los Gatos on BOTH wods!!!  🙂  AND they took 2’nd out of 10 teams on the 1’st wod!!!  🙂


Congrats on your PR’s!  Thanks to all of you  for teaming up and representing us well.  Thanks to Jason for coaching us with all your heart.  We are all very proud to have all of you as part of CF West!  Keep training hard!


Clean (yes, with a squat:)
Max for Day
For Time:
Power Clean (155/103)
Ring Dip
Double Under