3 Months ago CF West moved from our itty bitty 2000 sq ft space...

To our beautiful 10,000 sq ft space! When did you start your journey?

All ego and Social status set aside, most CrossFit owners will tell you straight out that we didn’t get into the CrossFit business to get rich.  I mean, have you seen the car Sam drives?  And although Cliff seems money hungry, he sure hasn’t quit his day job since joining CF West forces.  And ya’ll may have noticed that I both teach classes and workout (and, incidentally, grocery shop, eat out, and go to the movies) in the same three ratty T-shirts and one pair of sweats and have done so for about the past 2 years (that is until the one and only Nancy came to my rescue with her original Radetsky wear in the form of adorable stretchy shorts).  Even the founder of CrossFit, Coach Glassman, admits that it’s a “shitty business model” in reality since we don’t just sign people to long term contracts, take their money, and forget about them.  We actually want people to commit to showing up regularly, putting forth their best efforts in the workouts, cleaning up their diet, building a coach/athlete relationship, and getting results.  That’s right darn it, we got into this business because we love helping people better their lives.

It’s true.  I can’t tell you how heart warming it is when I receive an email or Facebook message from someone telling me how much CrossFit has changed their lives.   Day in and day out I look around at the many people who took the CrossFit leap, even with fear and uncertainty about what they were getting themselves in to, and have since blossomed into confident, healthy, empowered, glowing people.   I regularly get to see people doing things they never thought possible- pull ups, heavy lifts, running 400m without dying!

And it’s not just their physical health that’s better.  I  hear stories about how peoples social lives are better, how they perform better at work, how they are happier in their relationships, or have new relationships blossom- not just because they are “fitter” but because mentally they are empowered, happier, and more confident, and it radiates from within.

Having said that, we want to hear your story.  Tell us all about it!  How did you stumble upon CrossFit?  How did you get over the nervousness and dive in?  What have the results been?  Send us your testimonial and we’ll put it up on our site because you’ve worked your butt off and you deserve to have your story shared!

Please send your testimonial to [email protected]


F.Squat + Jerk Dip Squat

2+2 x5

3 Rounds

30yard OH BB Lunge (135/95)

30yrd Sled Sprint

30yrd Sled Back Pedal

100m Farmers walk (As heavy as possible)