Arnold, barbell TGU.

The Turkish Get Up is a great strength builder. Don’t be afraid to go heavy. A 16 kilo TGU isn’t going to do much for you, but get into the heavier weights and the health and stability of your shoulders, as well as your lockout strength, and your midline stability, will be scary. Work on getting the movements smooth and fluid and then start to add weight. The classic TGU is with a kettlebell. Something about that big weight pulling your arm in one direction is harder and more intimidating then a dumbell. The barbell adds a huge balance and wrist strength issue to the TGU. Again, go heavy. Put a couple of plates on the bar.

Besides a bit of technique, the one real key to the TGU is total focus. Throughout the entire movement, up and down, you need to focus on the weight. Really fixate on it. Do not, for any reason, take your eyes off the weight or your hand. One trick that will help with the TGU is to imagine there is a string around your wrist that is constantly pulling your arm up, even on the way down.

So, give the Turkish Get Up a try before your next WOD. It will do wonders for your shoulders.



Front Squat


1,000m Row

50 Situps

40 Box Jumps

750m Row

40 Situps

30 Box Jumps

500m Row

30 Situps

20 Box Jumps

250m Row

20 Situps

10 Box Jumps