Thank You

Some of the amazing kids of CrossFit West take prime front row seats on the dreaded Aerodynes to watch their parents "play".

While some of the awesome adults of CrossFit West (Shawn Smith and Jason Nee) make very strategic use of the kids area during a Wall-Ball/Run combo, haha

…Every now and then I have take a step back and think of all the truly amazing people that I’ve had the opportunity to meet through CrossFit.  …Seriously.  …It’s really quite a beautiful thing.

…Take a moment and think of all the awesome people you’ve met that you likely wouldn’t have met otherwise.  …The people who gut it out with you, …sweat with you, …bleed with with you, …laugh with you, …send you multiple obnoxious text messages wondering where the heck you are when you don’t show up, …the people that collectively make your experience here at CrossFit West, or whichever CrossFit Affiliate you call home, …a truly wonderful part of your life.  …It’s really something quite special.

…Every time I think about it, …I just really truly feel blessed.

…My life is much better with all of you in it.  …So, …thank you!  🙂


Snatch-Pulls, 2-2-2-2-2 (1-1-1)  (Go heavier than your 1-RM Snatch, singles are optional)


WOD; (Main-site wod from February 7, 2012)
5 Rounds For Time:
21 Deadlifts (185/135)
400 Meter Run