Thank You

Gabriella Cosner. Team G!!!

I was absolutely blown away by the turn out for the Gabriella Cosner Team G Benefit, Obstacle Course, and Blood Drive on Sunday. Over one hundred people went through the O-course (fastest times were PJ Rubel and Kirsten Mehl), many more raffle tickets were sold, the Team G t-shirts sold out, and the Stanford Blood Van (they collected nearly 50 units of  blood!–usually they get about 18 units for every 5000 people at an event) stayed several hours later than it had intended to accommodate all the donors.

You know, it is sadly easy to get frustrated and worn out by some of the horrific headlines (woman kills her child for interrupting video game, screamed the San Jose Mercury headlines at the coffee shop this morning) and news items that seem to inundate us on a far too regular basis. But then something like the Team G Benefit comes around and it not only restores my faith in humanity but jumped it up several notches.

A huge thank you to everyone who came and supported. A special thank you to the volunteers and coordinators, from the Team G crew to the ScottsValley and SLV High Schools football teams and coaches. You guys are all rock stars. Thank you all very much.

Reminder: 4th of July Holiday Classes are 9 and 10am only. Some of the Harvey West area will be closed to cars until 9am due to the Firecracker Run. Please plan accordingly.


Weighted-Pullup 5-5-5-5-5

30 Yard HEAVY Prowler Push (3-5 passes)





Sit-Ups (feet must be anchored under dumbbells and the hands must touch the DB handle for a rep to count)