Thank You Jeff

Jeff and Cliff.

Tennessee CrossFitter Jeff S sent us a very kind letter after spending some time at CFWSC while on an extended work trip in Santa Cruz.

Thanks so much for the hospitality, making me feel like one of the crew, and most importantly the awesome workouts and coaching.  During my 3 week stay in Santa Cruz, I used every opportunity to come in, work out, and take as much knowledge away with me as I could.  The result?  5 PR’s!  I raised my back squat 3RM and 5RM numbers by about 15 pounds, 3RM dead-lifted my prior 1RM of 365 pounds, matched my 1RM overhead squat in a 2RM of 195, and did the same for my Push Jerk at 195.  You guys have one hell of a talented crew of trainers, and I really liked working with them all.  Next time I’m in Santa Cruz I will definitely be coming back, motivated and ready to do work!

Thanks for the kind words, Jeff, and we hope to have you back sometime soon. And congratulations on the PRs.


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