Thank You Santa Cruz!

Well folks, for everyone that was there today, you all know that words cannot describe it. 158 competitors, over 150 spectators, three WODs of classic CrossFit excitement, and a community of incredible people dedicated to health, fitness, and self-betterment. A HUGE “thank you” to everyone that made today possible – it was an event to remember to say the least.

Please check back tomorrow for a full recap. Scores, photos, and more – we’ll have it up by 5pm Sunday!!!


UPDATE (10/23/11 – 4PM):
Photos are taking a little longer to collect and upload. Below are a few choice ones for now and we’ll get more up late tonight or tomorrow. For now, here are the scores you’ve all been waiting for: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
Note, these scores do not account for teams that scaled – this info will be added later (it was however verified that the top two teams from each division that were announced at the awards ceremony did not scale).