That Great Old Feeling

Chris and Andrew's first muscle ups.  Congratulations, guys.  



Chris and Andrew's first muscle ups. Congratulations, guys.



Sharron's favorite class.

Sharron's favorite class.

When I was younger I lived and trained martial arts in Tokyo. I used to hang out at this one bar a lot. It was dark and dingy, small and cramped and it smelled, and it played really loud rock and roll. There were always fights and holes getting punched in the walls and it stayed open until 5:30 or 6 in the morning. The bar was populated by an eccentric and pretty unique set of characters, such as old Asia hands, Japanese bikers, gold smugglers, rock and rollers.  In short, it was the quintessential Far East hangout and as such the perfect place for a 19 year old with a hearty sense of adventure.

I would always pause a moment at the top of the stairs (the bar was an old underground storage cellar) and take a deep breath. My pulse would always quicken and excitement would tingle through me. A little burst of energy would jolt me. There was this delicious feeling of dread and apprehension all rolled up with that excitement and energy. You see, I never knew what I would find in that crazy old bar. I never knew what would happen each time I descended those narrow stairs. I never knew how the night would end.

Well, now I am a lot older and don’t go out to bars and drink (it just ain’t Paleo ya know) anymore, and besides, that great old bar has been torn down and exists only in legend now.  And I am sure I would complain that the music is too loud anyway. Not too mention that I am usually looking longingly at my pillow at about the same time as I used to pause at the top of those stairs. Yeah I know, but…well I guess it happens to us all.

Here is the interesting thing though, back when I was training with Highbarger and Amundson at the old HQ, I used to get that exact same feeling before each class. I would start to feel it in the car driving over. A tingle of excitement and dread and energy and nervousness all rolled into one. I never knew what the WOD would be before hand. I just knew that it would be hard and scary and fun and it would leave me flat on my back with a big smile on my face.

I never connected the two feelings until recently. For the past year or two, pretty much since the old HQ closed, I have been doing my own programming. And it was great programming and I made huge gains and I would end up flat on my back afterwards. But I always knew what the workout was going to be and the feeling just wasn’t the same. Lately, due to some injuries and lots of work and what have you, I lost my motivation to train. Any WOD I programmed for myself just seemed sort of stale and I was having a hard time getting a good workout.

I asked one of the CF West trainers, Cliff, to program my workouts. I specifically asked him not to let me know what the workout and WOD is until I am ready to train. And bam!, that first day the feeling was back. Anticipation, dread, excitement, all the old feelings. And it felt great.  I had the best workout in months.

To be honest, I don’t really know what the moral to this story is.  But I like the story and I like having that great feeling back.  I hope you all have that same bunch of feelings before each of your workouts.

Train hard folks. Have Fun.

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Workout (courtesy of Jason H):

Clean and Jerk


Work up to 1RM and try to PR.


9, 6, 3

Clean and Jerk 80% 1RM

Burpee Pullup

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