That Sucks


By Jocelyn

Today’s workout left me lying on the floor in a pile of sweat muttering “that sucked.”

Of course that’s CrossFit for “that was an awesome workout.”

The human body is an incredible machine that will adapt to just about any demand you put on it.  Thus, even in the constantly varied world of CrossFit where we continuously change up the time domains and movements we can find ourselves getting comfortable. The fun thing is, that’s about the same time something new gets thrown at you like agility or short shuttles with change of direction or a movement you don’t see too often like a Turkish get up or a Bulgarian split squat.

My favorite workouts are those with short rep schemes but lots of rounds; similar to what you would experience in an AMRAP but designed as a task oriented workout.  For example, we once did a CF Football workout in class-8 rounds, 8 KB Swings, 5 Pull ups, 100m run- I loved it because the reps were so low that I continuously pushed myself with the mentality that it was only 8 kb swings and only 5 pull ups, etc.  Mentally, I did not strategize to pace myself through higher reps and thus went faster than I might otherwise had I needed to complete 21 KB swings at a time.

Another of my all time favorites was Sam’s heavy Tabata clean and jerk/ air squat couplet.  Many times, Tabata workouts are associated with high rep, low weight movements such as air squats, pull ups, push ups, sit ups, etc.  However, the stimulus of trying to clean and jerk heavy weight as many times as possible in 20 seconds coupled with air squats left me floored, again muttering “that sucked.”  Translation: “That was awesome.”

Everyone has their favorite and least favorite movements.  Everyone has their favorite and least favorite types of metcons- long or short time domains, heavy barbell work or bodyweight and gymnastics.  And everyone has had to push themselves through workouts they loath.  But almost always, even when it sucks and you are left lying on the floor in your own sweat cursing the coach, there’s that part of you that is so happy that no matter how long you’ve been doing this it’s still just as challenging as the day you started.  And that sucks.

What are your favorite types of CrossFit Metcons and why?




5 Rounds

14 OH Plate Lunges (7 ea leg)

2 Muscle Ups

200m run