The 2017 Open is Coming!

The 2017 CrossFit Games is tomorrow! Are you ready?

You might might have heard of this thing called the Crossfit Open.  Instagram posts? Here whispers in the gym. “Oh its gonna be deadlifts…I know it…”Well, The Open is a worldwide competition that starts at every CrossFit affiliate throughout the world and after the Open is the Playoffs called Regionals, and then the Super Bowl which is the televised Crossfit Games.

Less than 3% of the people in the world that do Crossfit actually make it to the games. Muscle ups?… You mean Pull ups and Dips?! SO Why you ask? Its simple.  Its an important step in your development as an athlete (or in your development in becoming more fit!).  There is a reason we keep score, it provides us data points to measure ourselves and without data points and measurements we dont know if we are improving.  If we dont care if we improve, we probably wouldnt be working out at a Crossfit affiliate, we would be at a regular gym.

Some of our athletes have mentioned they are not doing the open and that is cool.  We want everyone to enjoy their time at the game and if competing makes it not fun for you, then by all means don’t enter the open, but let me explain to everyone how the open works. You might have the wrong idea about what it really is.


The Open is just 5 workouts, 1 each week for 5 weeks.  There is a good chance that if you are working out on a regular basis during the 5 weeks of the open you are going to end up doing the workouts anyway.  There is going to be somebody counting for you, the scoresheet will get filled out, the only difference is you are not going to record your score at, so why not go ahead and sign up?

But no!! Not Double Unders! Are you worried about the workouts?  There is a good chance that if you have been working out with us for at least a few months you can do a majority of the movements.  You might not get all the way through the weightlifting ladders or some of the more advanced movements, but you will be able to complete most of the workouts, and if not, there is always a scaled version!


The majority of the movements we have seen over the years, consisted of Burpees, Snatch, Shoulder to Overhead, Deadlift, Box Jumps, Wall Balls, Double Unders, Muscle Ups, Clean and Jerk, Toes to Bar, Thruster, Chest to Bar.  From that list, there are only a couple of movements that some of our newer athletes cant do, Double Unders and Muscle Ups.  I know I cant do Muscle Ups yet, but it does not matter, you simply do the best you can.

Am I going to the games?  No.  Am I going to make it to Regionals?  No.  Am I going to get the best scores at the box?  Nope, not even close.  Does it matter?  No it does not.  I am going to do the workouts the best that I can and have some fun doing them and cheering others on.  I am going to go to the pain cave with my community. I am going to see people surprise  themselves, as i have seen every year.  The feeling of getting your first Muscle Up, or PRing a weight, or even getting a couple chest to bar pull ups in a row, is pretty damn awesome to see! So if you are on the fence about entering the Open, I hope that you join us for some fun and camaraderie every Saturday for the next 5 weeks at CrossFit West from 10am to 12pm! We will have judges, FREE FOOD AND DRINKS!

PS Still don’t want to pay the $20. Think of this…

$20 bucks also gets you a bbq, food, drinks (AKA PArtaaay) every weekend! Lets get as many people to sign up and do this together as a gym! Sign up under CrossFit West or CrossFit Ready!

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