The 4 Plate Club

Golden and Peter annoyingly load yet more weight on the bar.

Most CrossFit gyms have a host of guys who deadlift and squat four plates–405 pounds. Having a couple guys who can bench that and change is a little more rare. But what is truly incredible is Golden and Peter’s uncanny ability to show up at the gym whenever I am benching. And while they don’t point at me and whisper or anything quite so overt, I just know that deep down their pecs are laughing at me.

Paleo Challenge Meeting and Potluck this Thursday

T-Shirt Design Contest


Thruster 3RM


AMRAP in 5 Minutes

7 Hang Power Clean (135/93)

7 Toes‐to‐Bar

Rest 2 Minutes

AMRAP in 4 minutes

5 Hang Power Clean (115/83)

5 Toes‐to‐bar