The Affiliate Cup Throw down is tomorrow!

First off, biggest thank you to everyone that helped out tonight! From Katie, Kat, Andrea, Erin, Diego, Krista, Shelly, Anita,  Jeanna, Myriam, Marcus, Nick, Josh, Scott, Sean, Nico, and Jordan!  THANK YOU!


Tomorrow, from 8am-4pm,  we will have the following vendors ready (Bring your credit cards) and over 230 athletes getting down with fitness!

The Mermaid Shop




The Sock Box



Marcus McDonough

Sandbar Solar



Sage Floating Spa


Kitchen Witch Bone Broth

Spine and Corrective



Muscle Max

Wod RoD

Beards and Barbells

Weightlifting Shoes

Vixen kitchen ice cream

Cat and Cloud

Santa Cruz Core Fitness

Humble Sea Brewing Inc.

Companion Bakery

Susannah Dingman


Click Below to find the heat times and appropriate numbers for each team!


Here are the workouts for you to see:

WOD 1:

23 minute clock 1A will be time cap of 8 min (0:00 to 8:00) and 1B will be on a 15 min clock (minutes 8:00 to 23:00)


1A:  For 1 rep max weight

“Jabba The Thrust”

Teams of 4 will have 2 bars, one 45lb bar and one 35lb bar, and a set of bumper plates:

qty4 – 45s; qty4 – 25s; qty4 15s; qty4- 10s; qty2 – 5s; qty2 – 2.5s


Each teammate complete the following Bar complex in a 8 MINUTE TIME CAP:

1 Hang Clean + 1 Thruster (THE CLEAN may power then go into a full squat)

Total weight of maximum weight will be recorded.


****NO transition time!!!

ATHLETES LEFT BEHIND WILL HAVE TO SET UP THE BARS FOR WOD1B WHILE WALL BALLS ARE BEING PERFORMED. Judges note: judge will have to double check the weight, if it is wrong no reps will count until the weight is correct. It will be the team responsibility to make sure the weight is accurate.


Athletes will Jump right into WOD1B


1B: For Time

“Chip- Bacca”



125 Wall Balls 20#/14#

100 Power Snatches 95#/65#

75 thrusters 95#/65#

50 Burpees Over Bar

25 Overhead Squats. 95#/65#

Max Rope Climbs


Open / 40+ / 50+

125 Wall Balls (scaled and 40+ 14#/12#)(50+ 12/10l#)  

100 Ground to Overhead 75#/55#

75 Thrusters 75#/55#

50 Burpees Over Bar

25 Overhead Squats (scaled and 40+)  75/55 / 50+ Front Squats 75/55 instead of OHS

Max Pull Ups



1A – Highest recorded and completed barbell complex for each athlete combined

1B – Total reps completed



“Lightspeed”  10 minute AMRAP

Athletes inside the gym can not start until they go into the square (See gym layout attachment)

Choose one pair of athletes to complete part A


  • Once athletes M1/F1 come into the square, Male 2 and Female 2 will start their AMRAP in remainder time.
  • Male 2 and Female 2 can switch with Male 1 and Female 1 after one complete round of AMRAP, if they tag team partner of the same sex.



2A buy in:For time ( event wide tie breaker )

Male 1/Female 1:

1000m run


2B:AMRAP in remaining time

Male 2/ Female 2 or Male 1 / Female 1



20 Toes 2 Bar

20 HandStand Push ups

20 Box Jump overs 24inch for all


Open/ 40+ /50+

20 DB Snatches 50 lbs/35 lbs (45lb/30lb for 50+)

20 Strict Hand Release Push Ups (feet on a 45lb plate, no rolling)

20 Box Jump Overs 20 inch for all (Step ups acceptable)



2A – Buy in time for 1000m run.

2B – Total team reps.

WOD 3:

“Hang SoRow”  Two 7 Minute AMRAPS M/M and F/F working as pairs.

One pair working at a time, One athlete will row while the second athlete moves through the AMRAP. Note:

Athletes may switch whenever they would like.



Athlete 1 : Rows for max calories

Athlete 2: Completes as many rounds of:

10 Overhead Lunges 115lbs/75lbs ( In place- see video standard)

10 Hang Power Cleans 115lbs/75lbs

10 Shoulder to Overhead 115lbs/75lbs


OPEN / 40+/ 50+ :

Athlete 1 : Rows for max calories

Athlete 2: Completes as many rounds of:

10 Front Rack Lunges 95lbs/65lbs (75lbs/55lbs for 50+) ( In place-see video standard)

10 Hang Power Cleans  95lbs/65lbs

10 Shoulder to Overhead  95lbs/65lbs



Combined for both boys and girls to accumulate the team total for each WOD

Score 3A – Calories Male

Score 3B – Calories Female

Score 3C – Reps Male

Score 3D – Reps Female



(Floater event)

“Tire Fighter and X Swing”:

5 Minute Clock


Male 1/ Female 1

Max Tire flips


Male 2/ Female 2

Max American KB swings

RX – 70/53

Open/40+ – 53/35

**Reps only count when both kettlebells are off the ground.

So one athlete is in a static hold and the other is working

Note: Athletes may switch however many times as they want.


Score1 : Max reps Tire Flips

Score 2: Max reps KettleBell Swings