The Back Squat


CrossFit North Santa Cruz owner and trainer Dan Grant showing textbook form with 225# under the watchful eyes of Coach Rip at the recent Rippetoe Barbell Cert and CFSCC.  All you trainers out there, take a look at Coach Rip’s expression.  Do you watch your athletes with quite the same concentration and intensity?

The back squat doesn’t get a lot of attention in CrossFit. With the exception of the total, it is rarely seen in main site WODs and usually sidelined in favor of its more athletic brother, the front squat. This is a mistake. Along with the deadlift, spoken of often and with great reverence here at CrossFit WSC, there is no better movement for building absolute strength. In the olden days of barbell yore, the back squat was the movement of choice for men who could elevate monstrous poundages. Men such as Hise, Anderson, Hepburn, Davis, Goerner. Take a tip from these giants–back squat.

CFWSC apologizes for the lack of a post the last two days. We were experiencing technological difficulties.


3 Rounds

10 Thrusters 95/65#

500m Row

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