The Butterfly Kip

The butterfly kip is one of the more argued innovations in CrossFit. Some people love it, others swear they will never do it. As with a regular kipping pullup, it allows you to cycle the repetitions faster. A lot faster.

And that is the appeal of the butterfly kip-it’s really fast. The butterfly kip has a few drawbacks, but it’s speed is undeniably attractive. What are some of those negatives associated with the butterfly? It is hard on the hands and especially the shoulders. It is harder than a regular kip to learn and it requires more strength. And perhaps the main drawback to the butterfly kip is that it does not lead to any other movement, the muscle up for example. It is for these reasons that we do not teach it until one is entirely proficient with the regular (the arch/hollow or gymnastic) kip, and certainly never first.

However, if you are a competitive CrossFitter, the butterfly kip is a must. Yes, it is that fast. If you have short arms, are strong, and possess a very efficient frog kip, like¬†Annie S, then perhaps you can cycle pullups as fast as the butterfly, but most of us don’t fall in that category. Whatever its place in the ranks of the majority of CrossFitters, one cannot be a serious competitive CrossFitter with out it.

What are your thoughts on the butterfly kip? Please post to Comments.

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10 Overhead Squats 135/95#

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