The CF West Affiliate Cup Team


CrossFit West Santa Cruz is very happy and proud to enter a team in the 2009 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup team competition.  We are a fairly young affiliate, barely open a year and a half and certainly not one of the bigger ones, and at first I thought that we might have a hard time even fielding a team.  However, the problem turned out to be not finding enough people, but narrowing the selection down to just 6.  Thank you all for your votes and input.  

The CF West team is:

Kyle Haynes– The wonder kid.  Kyle went from overweight and un-athletic to the final third in this year’s CF Games NorCal Qualifiers, acknowledged as the toughest of all the regional qualifiers, in about a year on the CF West program.

Desmond Stockard– A Pan Am jujutsu champion, Desmond started CrossFit last summer to add some strength to his stellar jujutsu game.  Fifteen pounds of lean muscle later, CrossFit is a lot more than just a strength and conditioning program anymore for Desmond.

Vero Baudon–  A top level beach volleyball player, Vero brings her hard charging play to CrossFit West. I don’t think anyone trains with more intensity than Vero.  A 9 minute Helen, a sub 9 Christine, a 49″ box jump, 290# deadlift, Vero can do it all.

Jason Highbarger–  Jason’s history in CrossFit is almost the history of CrossFit.  One of the very first CrossFitters, and probably the first trainer under the Glassmans, Jason brings experience, knowledge, heart, strength, and ability to the CF West team.

Nicole Hennig– A transfer from another box, there is no doubt that Nicole belongs at CF West.  Her support, friendliness, and camaraderie have endeared her to all.  Her strength, ability, and drive have put her name all over the record boards.  Thanks for training with us, Nicole.

Golden Brown– CF West’s clown prince of strength, Golden did his first CF workout this last fall in a pair of Ben Davis pants, skate shoes, and a Misfits shirt.  Grace with 95#.  Golden now bangs out Grace rx’d in less than 2 minutes with lifting shoes and deadlifting socks. The Misfits shirt is still there, thankfully. You’ve come a long way, buddy.

Good luck at the Games.  Thank you for representing CF West.

Today, Wednesday, is the last day to purchase online discount spectator tickets and parking permits.  CF West has purchased two parking passes and we are trying to organize some carpools for everyone.  Please post to Comments if you want to carpool and/or if you plan on driving.  The Affiliate Cup competition is on Friday, and the individual (go Joc!) competition starts on Saturday.

CrossFit West Santa Cruz has special “I Love Joc” 2009 CrossFit Games t-shirts available.  We are selling them at cost, $10.  Please grab one and support Jocelyn and CF West at the Games.


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Kettlebell Swing 73/53#

Handstand Pushup

Box Jump 24″

Post WOD and score to Comments.