The Chicken Or The Egg



Two of the most common faults on a deadlift or clean are rounding the back and lifting the chin up, often called chicken-necking.  Since they are related, it begs the question of which comes first.

Anatomically speaking, the two faults affect each other and are inter-related, which is why they often appear together.  As the head rises and the chin lifts up, too much pressure is put on the spine and the only way for it to relieve that pressure is to round.

If the back rounds first, an ill-trained or inexperienced  lifter will often lift the head and raise the chin in a futile effort to bring the shoulders and chest up before the rounded back, thus relieving pressure on the concave back.

This natural tendency to lift up the chin, thus either causing a rounded back or contributing to an already rounded one, is further reinforced by the old gym standard of looking up on deadlifts and squats and the idea that the head leads a lift.

Proper form, of course, is an iron flat back with a neutral or slightly uplifted head (depending on which expert is asked).  The back acts as a transmitter of force, from the legs and glutes to the bar, not a prime mover in the deadlift.  

It is an interesting question, the chicken or the egg, but it is moot as either beginning usually ends up in the same place.

Party time folks.  This Saturday.  Workout at 11, party starts at 12 noon.  I sincerely hope to see everyone there.  Friends and family, all are welcome.  If you can bring something, please RSVP to Comments.


7 Rounds

1 Snatch 90% 1RM

3 Box Jumps 80% 1RM

5 Muscle Ups

Post weights and score to Comments.