The Concept II Rower


The Concept II rower is an integral part of any CrossFit gym.  Most commercial gyms don’t bother with them, or if they do have one, it is usually very lonely.  Concept II rowers are hard.  They provide a brutal workout and that is the key to their charm for a CrossFitter.   Go ahead, get acquainted with your gym’s Concept II.   You won’t regret it.  What is your 500m time?  1000m time?  2000m time? Row some intervals.  Ten 100m sprints on 30 seconds rest will humble most fit people.  Throw in some pushups during your rest interval.  Maybe a bodyweight jerk.  The possibilities are huge with the Concept II.  And the Fish Game?  Absolutely addicting.

But there is another reason why we like rowing so much.  Proper rowing technique reinforces proper weightlifting technique.  Smooth and timely transmission of power from the core to the extremities.  Watch a clean, a sumo deadlift high pull, a kipping pullup.  You just saw good rowing technique.



1000m Row

50 Thrusters 45/33#

30 Pullups

Some tips for Jackie: Don’t kill yourself on the row. Keep the strokes long, even, and strong. Then boil off the seat and bang out all 50 thrusters in one set.  Don’t even flagpole the bar if possible.  Then try to get the pullups in as few sets as possible.  The key is the thrusters.  Remember, one set if possible.