The Conductor

(Lilliputian?) Cliff poses with CF West's 6'4"+ big guy club.

At only 6'1", Steve consoles himself with a little foam rolling and a bottle of gluten-free beer.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I saw the Monterey Symphony over the weekend. I had not been to the symphony before and I really enjoyed it. One of my favorite aspects was the conductor. The Monterey Symphony is conducted on a guest basis by a renowned conductor from Spain. I was struck by how he brought out the very best in the orchestra. He was in constant control of the orchestra, bringing out a level of excellence that was probably hitherto unknown to that orchestra. Of course the orchestra knows the music and could play the pieces without the conductor present, but his lead made everything crisper, sharper, more coordinated.

Actually, the conductor reminded me of a good CrossFit and weightlifting coach. Of course the lifter knows the lifts and can do them without the coach’s guidance, but a good coach, like Saturday’s conductor, brings out the very best from the lifter. The coach, with cues and direction, makes the lifts more coordinated, more fluid, more technically proficient, no matter the level of the lifter.

Billy Bybee, like the conductor from Spain, is an expert in bringing out the best in lifters, his orchestra. Billy will be teaching the upcoming Olympic Weightlifting Seminar at CrossFit West Santa Cruz on December 10th. He will be joined by national bronze medal winner Ian Droze and national champion Pat Mendes. With cues and direction similar to a symphony conductor, Billy emphasizes sharper timing, tighter movement, and sheer virtuosity, all of which culminate in PRs and greater understanding of the lifts. Like a good conductor, a good coach like Billy brings the very best in a lifter and creates a whole greater than just the sum.


5 Rounds

2 Bench Press

2 Power Snatch

Then (from CFFB):

15 Dumbbell Thrusters 50/30 lbs
Sprint 100 meters
10 Dumbbell Thrusters
Sprint 100 meters
5 Dumbbell Thrusters
Sprint 100 meters