The County Fair


I went to the Santa Cruz County Fair last night. Among the squealing piglets, frisbee catching dogs, sketchy carnival rides, and drunk locals I found CrossFit. Lots of CrossFit. Ten years ago, 6 years ago, even just a couple years ago, no one knew about CrossFit. You never met anyone you did not already know who did CrossFit. At the Fair, I saw CrossFit shirts and hoodies. I spoke with police officers I know, they asked about class times and locations. At something like the County Fair, you bump into lots of people that you know, but haven’t seen in years. When asked what I was doing these days, I was amazed how many of them had heard of CrossFit and even knew what it is.

I am still very much in awe of how Crossfit has grown. Of how that little gym, and before that the tiny space at a local jujutsu school, has changed people’s lives.

How has CrossFit grown in your experience? How has it affected you?


20 Squat Clean and Press 95/65#

500m Row

20 Burpees

400m Row

20 D-ball Slams 50/25#

300m Row

20 Box Jumps 20″

200m Row

20 Push Jerk 95/65#

100m Row

PS Beware County Fair food. Nothing will catapult you out of the Zone faster than Fair food. Specifically a corn dog, tri-tip sandwich, fried artichokes, and berry pie. It can lead to serious Fair belly.