The CrossFit Community

This photo of Jared Stevens of CrossFit 417 repping 340# says it all. Check out the gentleman with the rather impressive hops on the right. That’s community (and a serious vert).


Community is a huge part of CrossFit and CrossFit affiliates. Simply put, we celebrate each other. Birthdays, accomplishments, births, you name it, we are right there with you. And of course, this especially goes for PRs. Nothing gets CrossFitters fired up like PRs and our gym mates’ PRs make us just about as happy as our own.


Full Snatch

Find 1RM


60yd Overhead Walking Lunges 25/15# plate

3 Rounds

10 Wallball 20/14#

10 Pullups

60yd Overhead Walking Lunges 25/15# plate